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  • Thsi is the Ego Flash Bluetooth handsfree Upgrade kit for those that have the Raytel Tellphone 4000, 4200 and 5000 kits. This also works with the Rosen VoiceCom 2000.
  • This is designed as an upgrade for those kits where all is needed is that you presently have one of those kits installed in your vehicle with the microphone in place. This comes complete with the new EGO Flash brain, EGO Flash screen and mounting tape, EG855 adaptor and the quick guide instructions on pairing and operation.
  • Bluetooth hands free car kit with brilliant high definition OLED Display and Top quality hands free performance. This kit offer a slick package of features in a sleek design. As indicated in the name it does not include the microphone nor the wiring harness. Howevever it does include the Special EG855 Pigtail adaptor for converting the wiring from the older 8 pin White connector to the current 14 pin style black connector
    • State-of-the-art performance: EGO FLASH Bluetooth hands free car kit brings State-of-the-art MUSIC performance to installed car kits. Unlike other hands free car kits, the EGO FLASH uses technology which is normally only available in expensive and permanently installed OEM factory car systems.
    • Music friendly, high definition OLED: Music is easy to control from the bright 1.6 inch display. EGO FLASH car kit even includes a 3.5 mm stereo input jack for MP3/ iPhone music input. The display provides all the important information, such as caller ID, phone book entries, call logs, text messages, battery status and more..
    • Text to Speech: EGO FLASH reads out and displays text messages!
    • ISO standard wiring harness: Includes a standard ISO wiring harness for fast installation in many European cars. American cars often require either splicing or an optional harness. Optional EGOMUTE will automatically mute all your speakers, then restore the audio to the speakers when call is ended, as opposed to manually turning off the in-car radio during a call. Bluetooth audio playback pauses during active calls and resumes afterward.
    • Preserve your car warranty: No need to splice when you use an optional Plug-in wiring harnesses by Quick Connect. Just select the Make, model, year and type of stereo for your vehicle for a custom harness that will not splice into your car's wiring, thus preserving your vehicle warranty. Stereo speaker wiring harnesses tie into your car stereo speakers with low noise pre-amps for superior sound quality.
    • Digit-Dial and Voice-Dial: Supports your voice to Dial-by-Digit. Also accesses cell phone based voice commands if available in your cell phone.
    • Loud and Clear DSP: Noise canceling microphone combines with DSP technology for noise and echo cancellation. EGO hands free audio quality beats Parrot and Bury, see test here.
    • Multiple Pairing:EGO FLASH Bluetooth hands free accommodates up to 10 different Bluetooth cell phone pairings, functioning with one at a time.
    • Automatic reconnect: EGO FLASH reconnects with the last cell phone it was functioning with, making hands free truly hands free.
    • Full Featured: Visual Display simplifies Full stereo audio control on Bluetooth AVRCP profile devices. Music streaming from Bluetooth A2DP profile devices. Bluetooth Hands Free profile devices can Redial, call reject, mute, send/end, and activate voice-dial, plus switch between music and call modes easily. So easy to use, most users do not need instruction from the installer!
    • Multi-Lingual: Visual language displays in 11 selectable choices. Note: This kit will only speak English.
    • Dimensions: Control unit measures: 3 x 1 13/16 x 7/8 (inches). Easy to mount on your console.
    • Updates for Free: As cell phone models change, so can your EGO FLASH car kit. Software updates are done via Bluetooth, and are free at egohandsfree/support.html.
    • Bluetooth Hands-free profile(HF) and Headset profile(HSP) are supported on this Bluetooth version 2.0, class 2 device for fast, secure connectivity up to 30 feet away.
    • Bluetooth A2DP/ AVRCP/ HF/ HSP profiles are all supported on this Bluetooth version 2.0, class 2 device for better connectivity up to 30 feet away.
    • EGO owner's manual is available on-line if you choose to download it. Most folks never need it, the Quick Set-up Guide included in the box is usually all that is needed.
    • Click here to determine if your cell phone model is Bluetooth enabled, AND which Bluetooth profiles it can support.
    • EGO Flash support link is here.
    • Read the "How the EGO Flash Works" Article by the Discovery Channel.
    • EGO FLASH has a 2-Year Limited Warranty. Simply consult with your installer for troubleshooting and repairs.
  • All EGO FLASH units sold come with the most up to date 9.0.10774 Firmware installed prior to shipping.

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