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Do you use Skype? Do you ever wish you could have a private conversation like you do when holding a phone to your ear like you can do with the Magicjack? Want phone calls for FREE!? The Sanwa Compufon SP-50 is a VOIP internet phone that works with just a USB port connection, and FREE Downloadable Skype Software for FREE Skype to Skype Calling!

  • The Compufon SP-50 simply connects to a computer's USB port, and can be used on any computer with an internet connection through the FREE Skype Software Program.
  • Making calls feels like using a regular telephone. The Compufon SP-50 is used just like a traditional phone, and achieves the same sound quality.
  • Using the Skype(TM) software you can easily make calls to other Skype(TM) users.
  • When the SP-50's receiver is picked up, the Skype(TM) program starts automatically. After the initial software setup, the Compufon SP-50 can be used just like a regular phone at the house, work or anywhere!
  • By registering your contacts on the Contacts tab in Skype(TM) beforehand, the computer can display who is online and who is available to talk.
  • By using SkypeOut, you can also make calls to fixed-line and mobile phones as well.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional or Home Edition, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and all other Skype(TM) compatable computers with an internet connection and an available USB port.
Operations manual: Sanwa Compufon SP-50 manual.

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